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Little Women Of Atlanta Review 

Now I rarely do Unreality TV show reviews BUT, I like LWOA… so lesgo! 

First stop Minnie & Mamaville…chile I did a post of Minnie and her mama last season after the “chicken lives matter” episode https://cocktailsnchatter.com/2016/07/24/mama-nooooo/ so I’ll keep this short and quick.  Minnie has no individuality (and it’s not due to lack of skillset or capability), a jealous heart, victim-ism and peekaboo sociopath tendencies…basically Minnie is a basket case and she get it from her mama.  The End. 

Tanya, Tanya, Tanya…girlfriend I see through all that passive aggressive, low whisper ass vernacular, run your bulky ass away when you’re pulled to the carpet ass facade you put out.  You lay your ass down with these men WHICH LET ME MAKE CLEAR is totally your business because your kids look loved and well taken care of, but my fake beef with you is what you’re expecting from a man that showed you who he was long before LWOA!   Got this boy carrying you through parking lots on his hip like you need a diaper change…girl bye! You have LOW self esteem and you turn it into victim-ism, I hate that shat!  However, I’m sure it’s directly related to your midgetness (yes I made that word up) And stop all that whispering when you talk like you’re a member of the Jacksons! 

Then we have the TWIN, who’s about to mess up her money over an ain shat boy who treats running away like it’s a paying gig and returns because your door revolves like Macys at Christmas time.  

So when you screw up you & your sister’s potential to make mad money to take care of your precious babies and bring them together so you can be the awesome mom you desire then tf what?  I’ll tell you!  You’ll be trapped in unreality TV forever getting pennies while they make millions off you climbing up on barstools to still twerk at the local bah.  This isn’t what your daddy showed you so BOSS UP! Stop saying “my kids my kids” when really it’s this soft tissue ass boy you’re running behind…and all the running he’s doing he’s either running to another woman or running to his probation checks…another girl bye! 

Monie girl…you’re ok with me!  You’re displaying growth in your attitude, behaviors and professionalism.  You have pursued your dream of doing voiceovers which I think is brilliant when you unlock your gifts.  You’re desiring a stronger relationship with your son and I love the way you assume responsibility for your shat!  

However, you’re going to lose that man of yours if you don’t grow a few inches in the relationship realm.  You’re doing stupid stuff, especially on camera.  He doesn’t even look at you as loving as he used to (IMO), but he’s still there in your corner so you still got him.  Girl listen he’s a truck driver so he spends large amounts of time on the road…alone.  That’s a lot of time to think, assume, analyze and interpret.  You can either be the flower that fragrance his life or the thorn that causes pain.  Don’t let unreality tv send you to that sunken place..the relationship graveyard.  He’s not a Hollywood dude from what I gather so “Monie” on tv does not impress him one bit! 

Miss Juicy Baby…I likes you, I like you on the radio with RS and you’re really funny, but I can’t fvvx with you outside of that.  Nope, nada, no ma’am!  You seem messy, loose lipped, and a high key shit starter.  You do/say shitvto see people’s reaction knowing it’s messy.  Yep all the things that will get a chicken wang thrown on ya head…oh wait that happened already LOL! 

You just seem too old for the way unreality TV is portraying you.  I mean I know the editing room stay busy with trickery but they’re getting the material from somewhere so what’s the tea Juicy!  Iz you finished or iz you done? Is the question.  People in your age group want to see growth and maturity, way more than this stunted growth behavior (no pun intended I think).  Juicy, you already got the gimmick on lock. You’ve reeled us in with your radio show and funny personality, now keep us!  Don’t let the rich tv people screw up what you’ve built.  Low key check they ass and build your brand on concrete vs. sand on their dime and time!

Harpo who dis woman? She purdy but her storyline is like paint drying.  


Mama! Nooooo!


How you look when you realize your arms too short to box with gawd…and the producers won’t let you leave the set.

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaybay!  ok Im not the biggest fan of un-reality tv and I barely get into many of the goings and comings on un-reality tv, but whenever I see a chicken wings flying across the screen and not safely anchored on a plate you have my sincere concern.  And can we agree that everything about this scene was all kinds of hilarious!  Now it may be hilarious for different reasons, my sense of humor is so warped!  I have had to backspace, delete like 20 leven times and I’m only four sentences in!   So I’ll tell you what did it for me and you can tell me yours in the comments.  Lesgo!!!!!

FIRST OF ALL when I saw the the previews I knew this was going to be a good kee kee!  Let’s start with the way her mom went HAM in the spa falling for her daughter’s crocodile tears.  Ok now, help me help you in my 48hr detective voice…You stated you were “around” 3 months pregnant, unfortunately “miscarried”, had a talk with the dr., no D&C, no, hospital soap to wersh up in the basin, no wet wipe, sanitary napkin, hand sanitizer, q-tip…damn girl NOTHING?  Then you want me to believe you were released like bye bitch bye ???  Girl if you don’t get away from me with this bullshat…GIRL BYE! Yes, I know there’s a hint of judgement in my description of her story but, so.

Now, as a mama I know the powerful and swift instinct to protect our young, but protect if it’s truly a case of bullying and not because she’s being called to the carpet on her bullshat. However, as parents we often only see “our baby” and not the heifer or heifo they truly are. Let’s move on, so we agree to meet and hash it out which by now you know on un-reality tv, them producers tell you how the fight is posta go…please don’t think for one minute nothing is un-orchestrated IMO of course.  You have on your lil summer coral ensemble, and your easter Sunday press with 2 packets of cherry kool aid for coloring for personality, ready to plead your case, sticking to the  “I did this from my heart bew” speech you rehearsed in the car all the way to the spot, but STOP! Mama came up in there on READY SET GO!  Juicy speech fell on deaf ears because mama just went KABOOM BATCH! HA!  She came up in their with her guns loaded like she was on her open and carry tip and Juicy said HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT!!! Girrrrrrrrrrl I hollered!

Juicy tried hard to contain her fear with that nervous laugh and was prol’ thinking with the cameras there she probably would have some help but we know these producers be like “if she’s not bleeding keep rolling” If you ask me, I swear I saw Juicy looking round for an escape route when they entered because she knew IT’S! ABOUT! TO! GO! DOWN! But. That’s. Just. Me. I don’t know much but what I do know is Juicy stayed seated.  I’m sure she used the “I wasn’t going to stoop to her level” excuse, that’s what everyone uses when you shook LMAO!  But when you see a bull in the china shop you quietly keep it moving.

Now I’m going to start my eulogy with giving ona to our lawd, the CCBA (cluck chicken and bang administration, of Americas), Ladies and gents sorry we had to gather under these circumstances, but when Minnie mama lifted that plate to throw, I knew then the world was coming to an end.  I thought “what animal would do that to some innocent, seasoned wangs” Like who does that?  Wheres PETA? I damn near started a hashtag on twidda #wingslifematter and #bangslivesmatter while you bullshattin! Someone has to be a voice for the voiceless.  We have to stop the destruction of our food and bangs.  It was truly upsetting and then to see the sauce dripping from her edges…I was on the phone like “hello CCBA we have a serious crime in progress and I need to file a report…her name is Minnie mama and she at the spot justa slangin wangs everywur”  GIRL!  And to see Juicy just sittin there trying to preserve what dignity she had left with sauce drippin from her bangs. No No No ma’am!!!  Poor poor Juicy just sitting there with the nervous chuckle, barely escaping with her edges and more importantly RIP #wingslivesmatter and #bangslivesmatter, y’all didn’t do nuffin to nobody *fights air* and Juicy we know you would’ve left but them producers said “stay yo ass right there we need more footage…”

How about I was so tired of rewinding that scene crying out of sadness for them limp bangs and pure foolishness, trying to figure out who was on the main line for poor Juicy…Olivia Pope is on hiatus and Trump is rewriting Melania’s speech, he busy. I know Juicy stylist was like “we ain got no shampoo for buffalo wing sauce, we gonna pre poo you with a bottle a ranch first…”

Oh well, that’s enough messiness for the day Plus my glass low.  The reception is immediately following the froonal and there will be free pressing combs and 3 wangs per person please.

Gotta go, my glass empty


What about this episode cracked you up? Tell me in the comments below so I can CTHU! 😂