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Who’s this Kimberly y’all?


So I have been buying a smaller version of this granola from my local Vons & Albertson stores…this ladies and gents is the Michael Jackson and Prince of all granola! I’ll give the breakdown on APS (amount per serving)

Calories 230

Calories from fat 100

Total fat 12g

Saturated fat 1.5g

Trans Fat 0

Polyunsaturated Fat 3g

Monounsaturated Fat 4.5g

Cholesterol 0

Sodium 140 mg

Total Carbohydrate 25g

Dietary Fiber 3g

Sugars 12g

Protein 4g

It depends on how you base your daily diet whether this is good or bad.  I pop a few (5) pieces in my mouth a day to get the sweet monkey off my back.  LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING this has the right amount of honey crunch sweetness all in one and I lose my damn mind.  So let’s get this straight…I AM SO FAR FROM BEING A CERTIFIED HEALTH NUT, I’M EVEN FURTHER IF WE ARE TALKING GRANOLA BARS AND I’M LIKE SARAH PALIN AND CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM MY BACKYARD IF WE ARE TALKIN’ ACTUALLY ENJOYING THE AVERAGE GRANOLA .  Honestly I prefer a good bowl of fruit vs. tree bark and nuts a.k.a. granola, but whosoeva is this Kimberly’s BakeShoppe I need her number so I can leave her twenty-leven creepy voicemails just like a stalker…explaining why I’m in love with her granola…yawp I said that.

Now in my mind I absolutely believe this is better than chowing down on a snicker or Jr. Mints.  I’m not that great at reading labels but using common sense I know I can’t take down this entire carton and receive the good benefits from it in one sitting.  However, what I do know is that this is addicting just like seeds sunflower seeds. Now everyone’s taste buds are different, but if you’re a person who enjoys, nuts, seeds, raisins, cranberries, honey…basically a good ol’ granola then yes ma’am “B I N G O, Kimberly’s BakeShoppe is her name yo!”  I found this 1lb box at SAMS Club, the local grocers have smaller cartons and I usually buy 2.  What’s sad is I’m about to stalk this poor bakeshoppe and probably catch a case but, such is life.

If you’re ratchet with it like I tend to be, then an Angry Orchard (green apple) Cider goes so good with this (oh shaddup like you don’t order a diet coke with a sloppy cheeseburger)

Have you tasted this granola before? Do you have a great recipe or brand of granola you eat?  Holla at ya girl LIKE-COMMENT-SUBSCRIBE