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Prom Slayage pt. II

Yes girl & guy friends my neice returned the favor to her prom date.  See below.




He was such a gentleman and very debonair may I add,  that she gladly accepted the invitation to be his date 2 weeks later.  Take a look at the 2 cherry bombs 🍒

Like damit! I! Demand! A! Redo! These kids are really doing it and I love the visuals.  Fortunately like I stated before NO. My sister friend does not go broke buying into prom galas.  She budgets, including setting a realistic budget, bargains, plans…knows how to say “no” and gets a bang out of life when she comes in under budget, which is often! 

So no matter how much glitz and glam, pomp & circumstance you see just know not every parent remortgage their life for a 2 day glamorous event.