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Prom Slayage pt. II

Yes girl & guy friends my neice returned the favor to her prom date.  See below.




He was such a gentleman and very debonair may I add,  that she gladly accepted the invitation to be his date 2 weeks later.  Take a look at the 2 cherry bombs 🍒

Like damit! I! Demand! A! Redo! These kids are really doing it and I love the visuals.  Fortunately like I stated before NO. My sister friend does not go broke buying into prom galas.  She budgets, including setting a realistic budget, bargains, plans…knows how to say “no” and gets a bang out of life when she comes in under budget, which is often! 

So no matter how much glitz and glam, pomp & circumstance you see just know not every parent remortgage their life for a 2 day glamorous event. 


Prom Season Bitches (pictures)

Yes its that time again and these prom guys and gals make my prom look like little house on all the prairies LOL! 

These young people are killing the game with beauty and fashion!  You been on  YT lately?  Geesh they will teach you how to start off like a basic chick and turn into a Beyonce in 15 seconds using an eyeliner, tape and a tube of lipstick…I tell no lies.

Now there are cases where it’s just too much, in a bad way.  These girls/guys are too grown and mannish at events like prom and the parents are low key broke putting on damn near a wedding trying to please brats and well we’ve seen//heard the horror stories smh.  

However, then you have too much in a good way…like my niece Tijera.  Her mom, my sissy is a master at getting the best for less, so no matter what you see in the pictures, no matter how glamorous, it was within a serious budget!  Not because she couldn’t afford to pay more but “why pay more when you can pay less” 

Thank You, Thank You I perform every Wednesday at the coco cabana between 12-2p LOL 

No in all seriousness you have to put things into perspective and that includes cost.  Tonya has a great career working for one of the TOP colleges in the US and when I say top I mean seriously the TOP! However, that doesn’t stop her from being a pro at being fiscally responsible! Especially being a successful (single) mom in College to complete her own degree.  She can out bargain/hustle any NY hustler on any day.  Hell most times I think she is one LOL! 

Back to my neice, she is the epitome of grace, beauty, intelligence, smarts and lady like behavior.  I’m talking down to her outstanding gpa, her singing beautifully at social events and talent shows, to doing normal school activities like cheerleading, to being an awesome friend.  I’m talking just a well rounded kid.  And yes she’s college bound and did I mention she can stomp with the big dogs when it comes to a sense of humor, common sense and wit. Which with crazy aunts in her life she was bound to have a little crazy in her.  I’m just sayin’ proud is not enough to describe how I feel so I won’t try.  I’ll just say keep up the great work.  

Tijera is not the first great kid there’s plenty of greatness bound young women and men out there just waiting to make a difference in this world, that we should hear more about but she’s my family so that’s where my attention lies. 

Oh and it’s two of them!  Yes in 2 years I’ll be back showcasing my other neice Trinity who is equally as fly! 

Man! Shout out to my sissy Tonya for raising such well rounded young ladies who will be a constant staple in my young girl’s life serving as an example and mentor.  

And can we shout out Tijera’s prom date!  Let’s face it at events like these it’s usually the woman that’s the attention getter and this is no different BUT he did the damn thing becoming her fashion equal! BRAVO! 

Now breath slowly buckle up sip your drink and be prepared to be WOW’d at all this fabulousness! Honey chicka boom boom! Get into it


Walk a mile in my Oxford…

Nothing beats great looking oxford or loafer (except a great high heel LOL)  it always reminds of the the 1920s-50s when fashion was everything and everyday people not only knew how to dress but actually took high pride in their everyday look.  I’m also a sucker for a hint of an androgynous flare.  A good loafer gives me a Mr. Patricia and I’m here for it. 

I love shoes like most women SURPRIIIIIIIIISE…NOT!  Shoes are easy for me it’s clothing I struggle with…I K. I. S. S. When it comes to clothing (keep it simple stupid) give me some denim or a cute maxi dress but a great shoe and I’m so cool. I love to keep clothing simple and comfortable chic (that’s what I like, not always the style worn) but a bad ass shoe to crush it!

Let’s toast to a great shoe 




I feel so unsafe looking at this travesty!  So the person who sent this weapon of mass destruction to me has multiple degrees, she’s very pretty, self sufficient, otherwise great sense of humor, warm & giving heart and outside of her arsenal of alcohol stashed in her kitchen (which isn’t a bad thing) she’s a well rounded loved by me individual…UNTIL I received this ✋🏾 pause *sips my drank* I really have to re-evaluate my circle. I might have to start searching for those people who are called “normal” human beings to call friends. Now mind you she’s cracking up thinking this shat is really funny and I’m over here dusting off my phone book looking for my local hazmat station. I must say this has threw me into something on this good Sat’day. Gonna have to fix me a pink panty with extra pank to calm my nerves.

Now as for the subject I don’t know if she was trying to make the TSA’rs job easy, giving them a peep show, seriously thought she was cayoot, meeting her bew to give him something he could feel  or airing out an infection BUT WHAT I DO KNOW IS, THIS IS NOT OF GOD, GHANDI, THE UNIVERSE, NATURE, MASSENGILL OR THE ASSOCIATION OF WTF!  This is even below Bravo TV standards!  Oh well who am I to judge…too late lmbo!

Anyway I wasn’t going to go through this alone so I’m going to bless you today with some shat you can’t unsee. And you’re welcome