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Bland Brown Rice, Wheat Pasta…Sazon Is Here! 

Hey guys!  Everyone at one time or another is on a “clean” eating journey, whatever that means to you.  I restart my healthier eating journey about ever 4 days LOL!  Yes commitment is not my strong suit.  And it’s not that I don’t like healthier options, in fact I love healthy foods, I just love the other end of the spectrum just as merch.  The struggle is real.

Taste is a big thing for me! And personally I believe brown rice and wheat pasta is a spawn of the devil.  You can’t debate me on this!  However ya sister friend has a few tips to overcome the battle of  edible tree bark a.k.a. brown rice & pasta.  

No I’m not reinventing the wheel and it may be amateur for the real chefs outchea but there’s some new soul out here who’s ready to go hard in the paint on a healthy food journey and won’t get pass the 1st bite when they’re instantly reminded of what tree bark may taste like.  Then pair it with bland piece of chicken or fish and corner taco shop here I come.  Or at the very least back on the white rice and pasta kick.

Sazon has been a saving grace.  Yes I can sea salt it down to the ground but there’s nothing like a Spanish flavored meal.  There’s multiple Sazon flavored packets, so far I’ve used con azafron and achiote and both are DELICIOUS!  I haven’t used it on my meats…yet, I tend to use a lawrys taco packets for my chicken and for my fish of choice flounder and snapper I bake it with Mrs Dash, lemon pepper and garlic powder, BUT you can easily use Sazon for your meats in fact it’s suggested.   Additional tip: You can easily use a bouillon as well but I’m bouilloned out honey!

but Sazon has given me hope on all things whole grain and wheat and I’m glad because I truly need to clean up my diet more than 3 weeks at a time.  Tired of the food reindeer games I play often!

*For 2 cups of rice I add 2 packets.  


Strength Of A Thousand Ancestors Mommy Work Out

See this sista girl’s work out…she grinds like no other, mother of 4…BUT WAIT POCAHONTAS  watch til the very end…

Now for some “no big deal”, but for a non committed self proclaimed (lazy) delusional 4 slices of pizza and a nap eating fake work out queen 👸🏾 this is nothing short of bad ass!!

Rachel Dozezal 2.0 

I’ve seen some crazy shat in my life, especially since the birth of social media and from all cultures, but when you combine mental illness with beauty you often have a human Tsunami.  Now “do you” is my go to phrase because at the end of the day it’s your life and you only have one life to live so do what makes you happy…but there are some instances when you do a double take and beg for an episode of Iyanla #Fixmylife 

Please feel free to express your opinion 


Pure Beauty! She Didn’t Let Alopecia Define Her 

In this world I believe we teach people more often than not to be victims.  To let life’s hiccups define us and control how we move forward in our daily lives.  I hate it and I try to demolish that god awful mentality every chance I get including in myself.

Well this beauty is my SHERO! She took the crown for “crazy hair day” 


Hey (Maturing) Ladies…

“Entering menopause is stepping into your wisdom.”

“Menopause is your boy’s reset button”


Im not there just yet…but this is some good stuff ☺️


Think Tank…

Think Tank…

‪”Getting older is enviable, aging is optional. As we’re moving through space getting older is an opportunity to increase our value & our competence”‬-Martina 

Learn something

Hey y’all! Let’s sip and chat a bit.  

Far too often women with afro textured hair are accused of wearing weaves and wigs because they desire long [straight] hair…screeeeeeeeeech ✋🏾  nothing can be further from the truth as this article describes beautifully in detail with receipts (pictures).  In fact most times women with afro textured haired e.g. kinky, coily, tightly curled etc. have anywhere from 2-10 inches on average of hair bundled up in each coil. 

The natural state of our God given coils are wrapped up into beautiful patterns that’s often mistaken for untamed, “napppy”, unattractive, unprofessional mess, when in actuality our hair grows towards the sun, defines itself and is gracefully and uniquely disrespectful.  

I never understood why does someone else gets to define what beauty is by their warped, man made, manufactured, or often misconstrued redundant definition of beauty? In fact how do you tell someone that the way their hair grows out their head is wrong or ugly…I mean really think about that for a moment…insane right? Yes, I agreee. 

NOTE: I’m not talking about unhealthy hair.  I’m speaking about Afro textured hair that is loved and embraced with TLC.

So the the next time you see a woman with tight coils or an afro of ANY texture (know that it’s not just kinky hair that’s afro textured) please oh please know she’s probably hiding a goldmine in each curl and if she stretched a strand of hair it might shock you into silence. 

1. Stop assuming we are bald headed under weaves and wigs, 9 times out of 10 it’s actually the very opposite 

2. Stop assuming when you see an afro that that’s the actual length of our hair

3. Stop assuming when we press, relax, flat iron our natural hair we all have extensions, many times it’s our actual length in its straightened state 

4. Stop thinking all curls, kinks, coils are the same.  Just as anyone else our coils are also unique to each person 

5. Stop judging afro textured hair and dismissing our hair because it doesn’t meet this manufactured standard of beauty.  I would never tell a red head curly girl because you’re not blonde straight hair’d you’re not pretty enough. 

Let’s embrace all beauty.  The article is s great read with visuals…get into it!  Let’s discuss.  I would love to hear from you. 😊


Trim That Waist Sis! 

Heyyyyy 👋🏾 y’all!!!  I know CocktailsnChatter has  been gone for a minute!  You bloggers know if you don’t make your passion a priority your site will become just a graveyard for your passion.  Well I’m trying not to let life get in the way so much…

Thank You to all my loyal readers & supporters! 

Now the good stuff!  Yes you can spend money on the fancy stuff.  Yes you can buy all the waist trainers that moves your liver to your rib cage and your spleen to your bowels just so you can have a size 2 waist…GIRL BOO BYE

Well this is my $4.96 Walmart special.  If used on a consistent basis it lasts a good 6 months (that includes washing it) and this bad boy make you sweat like like Trump around a hairline (that’s call palm tree shade 🌴)

This is tried and true.  It come S, M, L. It’s very comfortable, affordable and effective.  No you can’t wear it under cute form fitting clothes but you can wear it under some attire, like I’ve worn it under work shirts (that’s not fitted) and/or while running errands, doing chores, and of course anything gym related or a workout. I have seen inches melt away and when doing cardio the amount of sweat I accumulate is really impressive.  When I take it off I’m like…

Let’s do a special toast to a new post!  Ahhhh hell I’ll toast to an ant colony who am I kidding long as I’m sipping LOL! 


Weight Loss-ism 

When you’ve been eating chicken breast and veggies and drinking lemon water for 2 days and the scale ain budge…TF! 

Ladies lets toast to them unwanted 10-15lbs mine is paying rent and they’re never late damit! 

I know it looks blackened and I’m fine with that 😆 but actually it’s the chili powder & paprika that has given my chicken a crusted look.  It’s truly is delicious.


Cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, s/p (optional),  sweet bell peppers, sweet white onions, I added scallions later, then add you the tortilla strips on top for a lil carb crunch. Pssssst a short cut IF you don’t mind the sodium is a fajita or taco packet…don’t tell no one…


Apple cider vinegar, evoo, minced garlic, 1 tsp of honey, cilantro (optional), s/p (optional),  I nutri-bullet mine to smithereens for a wonderful low cal homemade dressing, on a bed of romain and waaaalaaaaaaaaah!

Or this is so good I often eat it as is and of course you can always wrap in a whole wheat tortilla fajita style.