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Dear Mama 

No truer words.

The night before my mommy died I was sleeping in the hospital room with her on the couch. It must’ve got chilly through the night, I heard Sylvia call my name a couple of times saying “put the covers on you, it’s cold baby” but I was so sleepy I didn’t move, well my mama struggled out the bed, tubes and all (she didn’t sleep much anymore) to put the cover on me, she kissed me and said “that’s that mama’s baby”. The exact same thing I say to my kids when I’m loving on them.

I was too sleepy to wake fully up but I knew my mom put the cover on me and kissed me which was normal. The next day…she passed. So this post has so much truth in it and I thank you for the loving reminder.  #happymothersday
*if you have a heartwarming story about your mom I would love to hear about it*


Picture & caption posted by, Lessons Learned In Life Inc.

Get Into Ballet On A New Level

Like Flight Attendants, Ballerinas are a group of people that seems ethereal to me.  Ok ok ethereal maybe a little too much, but we can all agree when we see either one we do a double take.  

Ballerinas carry a certain air about themselves that’s just dancing perfection.  I’ve been blessed to see a few ballerina shows live including the credited acclaimed Alvin Ailey (heaven shines a light) and it f*%%<?% amazes me how in the entire hell do they do 15-30 minute sets with their toes standing up on a block! Every ballerina should automatically own a massage company and a nail shop. Just on GP. 

Well I love when we tastefully redefine art (and art & beauty are defined by the beholder So please don’t debate me on my opinion) and these young ladies have taken ballet to another level.  I don’t know if they’re the first but damit I know they completely brought the  hallelu into hallelujah.  If you know of other redefining moments PLEASE SHARE WITH COCKTAILSNCHATTER 


Tax Season Scam Part II

Soooooo I got another threatening call from “the IRS” 🤣 lmao!  Chile I didn’t think it could get any lower, grimy, dirty or pornish but I was sadly mistaken…

So I had time to kill and decided to mind screw this “IRS agent” that needed all my info because of “system problems” he couldn’t pull up my account number.  So I gave him my name “Foolicka YAsa” and my address which will lead them straight to Disneyland and I informed him I didn’t know my ss# by heart but my cc number was (__fill in the blank ___) because I honestly don’t remember what I said.  Anyway this nasty disgusting summamabish proceeds to hit on me! 

YUUUUUUUUUUUS honey, asking if he can call me later and if I date him he’ll wipe away my debt because he’s “high up” in the IRS.  I died a little bit on the inside from laughing.  He went on to say I sounded cute and he’s single in this real dark whispery rapey tone ewwwww!    

Well I promptly told him I was a transgender and needed all my money for the final surgery, in which he replied “so you sound cute” HAHAHAHAHA! Chile I wasn’t mad though at least he kept it all the way real with his dusty ass.