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Little Women Of Atlanta Review 

Now I rarely do Unreality TV show reviews BUT, I like LWOA… so lesgo! 

First stop Minnie & Mamaville…chile I did a post of Minnie and her mama last season after the “chicken lives matter” episode so I’ll keep this short and quick.  Minnie has no individuality (and it’s not due to lack of skillset or capability), a jealous heart, victim-ism and peekaboo sociopath tendencies…basically Minnie is a basket case and she get it from her mama.  The End. 

Tanya, Tanya, Tanya…girlfriend I see through all that passive aggressive, low whisper ass vernacular, run your bulky ass away when you’re pulled to the carpet ass facade you put out.  You lay your ass down with these men WHICH LET ME MAKE CLEAR is totally your business because your kids look loved and well taken care of, but my fake beef with you is what you’re expecting from a man that showed you who he was long before LWOA!   Got this boy carrying you through parking lots on his hip like you need a diaper change…girl bye! You have LOW self esteem and you turn it into victim-ism, I hate that shat!  However, I’m sure it’s directly related to your midgetness (yes I made that word up) And stop all that whispering when you talk like you’re a member of the Jacksons! 

Then we have the TWIN, who’s about to mess up her money over an ain shat boy who treats running away like it’s a paying gig and returns because your door revolves like Macys at Christmas time.  

So when you screw up you & your sister’s potential to make mad money to take care of your precious babies and bring them together so you can be the awesome mom you desire then tf what?  I’ll tell you!  You’ll be trapped in unreality TV forever getting pennies while they make millions off you climbing up on barstools to still twerk at the local bah.  This isn’t what your daddy showed you so BOSS UP! Stop saying “my kids my kids” when really it’s this soft tissue ass boy you’re running behind…and all the running he’s doing he’s either running to another woman or running to his probation checks…another girl bye! 

Monie girl…you’re ok with me!  You’re displaying growth in your attitude, behaviors and professionalism.  You have pursued your dream of doing voiceovers which I think is brilliant when you unlock your gifts.  You’re desiring a stronger relationship with your son and I love the way you assume responsibility for your shat!  

However, you’re going to lose that man of yours if you don’t grow a few inches in the relationship realm.  You’re doing stupid stuff, especially on camera.  He doesn’t even look at you as loving as he used to (IMO), but he’s still there in your corner so you still got him.  Girl listen he’s a truck driver so he spends large amounts of time on the road…alone.  That’s a lot of time to think, assume, analyze and interpret.  You can either be the flower that fragrance his life or the thorn that causes pain.  Don’t let unreality tv send you to that sunken place..the relationship graveyard.  He’s not a Hollywood dude from what I gather so “Monie” on tv does not impress him one bit! 

Miss Juicy Baby…I likes you, I like you on the radio with RS and you’re really funny, but I can’t fvvx with you outside of that.  Nope, nada, no ma’am!  You seem messy, loose lipped, and a high key shit starter.  You do/say shitvto see people’s reaction knowing it’s messy.  Yep all the things that will get a chicken wang thrown on ya head…oh wait that happened already LOL! 

You just seem too old for the way unreality TV is portraying you.  I mean I know the editing room stay busy with trickery but they’re getting the material from somewhere so what’s the tea Juicy!  Iz you finished or iz you done? Is the question.  People in your age group want to see growth and maturity, way more than this stunted growth behavior (no pun intended I think).  Juicy, you already got the gimmick on lock. You’ve reeled us in with your radio show and funny personality, now keep us!  Don’t let the rich tv people screw up what you’ve built.  Low key check they ass and build your brand on concrete vs. sand on their dime and time!

Harpo who dis woman? She purdy but her storyline is like paint drying.  


Tamar & Vince, finger lickin’ good or nah?

(Not Tamar’s finger)

Ok you can see by my postings I rarely get into social media drama.  Doesn’t mean I don’t see it, laugh at it or watch it just means I find it useless to write about most the messiness I see.  Ok so despite the title domestic violence is no joking matter.  The threat of abuse or inflicting abuse of ANY kind is lowest for of being a human being because it usually mean you’re inflicting it on someone weaker than you in some capacity!  However being in a relationship over 20 years and married 16 I GET IT!   No we’re not over here laying hands or drawing blood but if you open up my closet door there may be a bone or two that fall at your feet.

I understand anger, rage, heat of the moment actions etc.  Doesn’t mean you’re right, justified or sane but I totally get how quickly things can go from 0-20 in light years.  I’ve been in situations where I’ve pushed buttons and had buttons pushed and yes I have reacted before.  I have a slick mouth, I just usually don’t bring it out til I’m at my wit’s end or I’m pushed to pettiness, because I’ve learned you can’t take back words and the tongue is powerful.  Once I realized that, I  learned to keep this mouth of mine lock, loaded and safely put away in the emergency glass case.

I just thank the universe I have never been with a man that has not gone above and beyond to practice self control in heated situations.  I have never been a victim of physical abuse and no other abuse that I have not been able to recognize and nip in the bud.  Not bragging just grateful I’m not doing a bid of 10-20 or having to testify in my defense.  A’se

Listen, Vince had no business resorting to animal behavior…NONE! However, we all know how Tamar women can be.  I personally think Tamar has a hard time turning “it” off and this has nothing to do with dimming her light, but geesh she’s a classic “mine is better than yours” type chick. We see her behavior with friends, family, co workers, employees, employers and on social media.  Yes we know editing plays a part in all this but you’re called a tv “personality” for a reason.  It’s pieces of your damn personality and you have to give them material to work with.  Chile if I had to deal with just a portion of what I see from her…well let’s just say GIRL BYE.  A piece of humble pie maybe Tamar?

Relationships are a trip. Marriage, money (or lack there of), fame, children blah blah blah all play apart in the succes or demise of any marriage.  Trying to mesh two totally different personalities together for a lifetime is some shit! It’s doable but GEESH! It’s like a never ending rubiks cube.  For me and mine it just took growing up (I’m not talking age because I’ve seen immature 50 year olds) and discovering what works for us and not what society deemed a “perfect marriage”.  All the advice I’ve received practice forgiveness, pick & choose your battles, for better or worse, pay attention, laugh, compromise, watch your tongue etc. all has been necessary everyday in my marriage.  A’se

I can tell you this though my husband bet’ not  NEVA use any part of my body as a buffet or baaaaaaaaybay bay bay it’ll be World star & TMZ worthy for real LOL…no LOL!  Vince your big bawdy ass ought to be ashamed of yourself.  Before your brand is seriously tarnised either get out the limelight and/or get some counseling before the heavy hitters back away from your great brand you’ve built.  Now, I wasn’t there maybe he felt “threatened” maybe he was in danger and did what he had to do to save his life.  Women can be vicious and SIZE doesn’t always make a difference.  Anyone feel me?  Hands anyone ✋🏾

Ok, I’ve thrown in my 2 cents but at the end of the day this is their dysfunctional marriage…wait, now that I think about it most marriages have a level of dysfunction…BUT crunching on knuckles is bit too far for me.   Anyhoo it’s their marriage which is a promise of the heart and a business contract of property & assets.  So I’ll shut up about it but at the end of the day that piece of paper isn’t worth a dime if I’m a KFC 2 piece snack box.

My glass empty y’all gotta go…

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Ohhhh Ruday why fo’?


Well it’s no secret our beloved Rudy Huxtable a.k.a. Keshia knight Pullium is going through an extremely difficult time right now so I’m not going to go allllllllll the way in //

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and I offer a prayer of strength.  Ru-Ru this is not personal and I don’t believe this takes away from all the great things you are and have accomplished.  Now with that being said woman to woman this just a bump in the road and this too shall pass…but can I ask one question?  Why fo’ him????  I’m sure Lisa Wu could’ve told you RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!  I’m sure he’s an a’ight guy for someone but not America’s sweetheart!  GIRL BYE!  The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and he just gives pipe dream failure tease.  Incomplete application on black people meet dot com tease.  Girl he’s giving me everything except Rudy’s husband. I’m getting “my biological clock is ticking” tease…uuuuuugggggghhhhhh and listening to Nicki Min I mean Ed’s interview, that’s exactly what it sounds like.

I know you can’t judge these characters I mean actors I mean reality tv personalities off the 40 minutes we watch them clown around every week, and I will admit he’s done a great job staying out of the lime light and mess, but I’m sorry some people you just don’t need a crystal ball to see the bullshat.  First off Ed has way too much ass for me…I can’t be with no man who from behind gives Nicki Minaj tease…Oh no ma’am, but this is not about me and to each its own. He’s handsome yes and I’m sure nice, and that’s cool if I’m looking for a happy hour buddy or someone to share a pod at work with, but no bueno for a boyfriend or husband.  Now you ain’ heard this from me but I heard he draining bank accounts and looking for his next sugar mama (allegedly).  I don’t know how much of that is true if any of it, but he look like he stalking  womenz in front of Bank of America like Jerome off Martin.  I also heard that you were associates with Lisa Wu and Lisa feels some kind of way *sips drank*

I feel for ol’ Ru-Ru, I’m sure she has an awesome support system who probably side *eyedid* her when she announced “SURPRIIIIIIIIISE I’M MRS. HARTWELL, EYEZ MURRIED NA” *LMAO*  Chile I know her mama was like “See you har’ headed!”  However out of all this she will be bringing in a beautiful baby and that’s always the blessing in a situation like this. You do seem to see the lightbulb above your head watching your interview “I’m in love with the man he pretended to be” BLOOP and bravo!  Chile Ed seems like a used yellow Hummer and Ru-Ru like a Tesla.  Just saying.  Now I’ve given enough to gossip for the week.  It’s fun but so unproductive lol!

One more thing:  Baaaaaaaaaaabay your Farah Fawcett throw back feather was EV VA REE THANG in you interview.  Chile I barely caught what you were speaking about because the all the bounciness was hypnotizing…oh yes ma’am and Rudy please don’t call your TV dad for advice him busy *palm tree shade*…just lay low, sign up for baby and me classes, plan your cucumber samwhich baby shower and keep what’s left of your business private.  and *I’ll drink to that*