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Prom Slayage pt. II

Yes girl & guy friends my neice returned the favor to her prom date.  See below. 


He was such a gentleman and very debonair may I add,  that she gladly accepted the invitation to be his date 2 weeks later.  Take a look at the 2 cherry bombs 🍒

Like damit! I! Demand! A! Redo! These kids are really doing it and I love the visuals.  Fortunately like I stated before NO. My sister friend does not go broke buying into prom galas.  She budgets, including setting a realistic budget, bargains, plans…knows how to say “no” and gets a bang out of life when she comes in under budget, which is often! 

So no matter how much glitz and glam, pomp & circumstance you see just know not every parent remortgage their life for a 2 day glamorous event. 


Kid’s Party Food Sure To Be A Hit!

Easy delicious corn dog recipe! Did this about 6 yrs ago now at my kid’s birthday party and it was a hit!  I couldn’t get them out fast enough!  In fact the adults ate just as many as the kids.  It doesn’t have to be just a birthday party food,  you can serve for lunch, play dates etc. but a little goes a long way at a party and rarely do kids NOT like hot dogs. A kid who doesn’t  eat hot dogs are spies and you have to watch them 👀 them closely! Also you can do a healthier dog like turkey, chicken or beef and of course my favorite reason…YOU CONTROL THE INGREDIENTS!! Now LESGO!

*FIRST soak wooden sticks in water 30 minutes prior to cooking (1) box of cornbread  mix (e.g. jiffy cornbread) (2) Follow exact mixing directions on box of jiffy (3) Add 1 tsp of garlic & onion powder (4) Heat a pot 1/2 way  with vegetable oil (5) Lightly flour the hot dogs to remove moisture (6) I cut the dogs in 1/2 if for kids events (plus it fits easier into the pot when dipping corn dogs to fry) (7) Dip and coat lightly floured hot dogs very well in jiffy mix (8) Dip in heated oil and fry 2 min or until golden brown 

Serve w ketchup/mustard, cole slaw, fruit, chips, french fries etc. 
I love Ball Park Beef dogs, Hebrew National Beef dogs or for large crowds I use Costco Beef dogs, Oscar Mayer turkey Dogs, and if that doesn’t matter to you then Dodger Dogs (sold at Costco) are so damn good, I just don’t buy regular dogs anymore but if I did Oh! Yes! Ma’am! I use wooden kabob sticks from .99 store (wooden sticks are optional you can just make mini hand held corn dogs)