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Let’s Wig Out…

“Outre Big Beautiful Hair 4A kinky” is her name but I’m going call her “Nina Jane” and by “her” I mean the wig.  Yes ma’am that’s exactly what’s going on in these 3 separate videos of beautiful women who absolutely took fierceness to another level!  

If you’re anything like me you haven’t  crossed over to the wig family…yet.  However, I was so over sew ins and so was my coin purse, but all the way here for this new wave of clip ins and so was my budget, and thought I was content at least until I met Nina Jane via YT.  

I’m natural 7 years now and counting but I love versatility, but I’m cautious. My round face and slanted eyes, though pretty, makes throwing caution to the wind a challenge at times.  

However, if I can go from this 

To slayage

Then hunty 

I’m all in! 

This is Ms. Shauntania Beckford and she slayed the hell out of this wig by Outre.  Her video is listed below along with 2 other beautiful wig whisperers! 


Baby oil vs. Something Better

Meet Meet Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa 

So I recently found out that my beloved baby oil is a derivative of petroleum just like Vaseline.  I stopped using Vaseline years ago because of it’s petroleum properties and yes petroleum as in “petro on the go” gas o line…but geesh not my baby url…

Baaaaybay bay bay when I tell you a squirt in your bath water or slather it on after a shower while still damp will give you everlasting life I MEAN EXACTLY THAT! My skin stay soft as a baby’s toosh, the scent lady forever and it’s light and airy, my kids skin is so soft and let’s just say my husband loves the scent and the suppleness of it everywhere baby url touches me, but of course in the information era they’re the joy killers!  I swear they just don’t want me to be great! 

Well I’m weak when it comes to my favs and no I’ve never heard of any deaths contributed to baby url and I can’t say I will turn my back on it forever but I’m open to trying something new like… 

yes, these are the same sisters that created…

I’ll keep you posted,  I’ll be ordering really soon.  I can’t wait for their products to make it to the stores (hopefully).  Convenience always plays a part, but I won’t let that deter me from supporting small businesses and/or investing in more earth friendly organic products.  And if it’s a good product then I’ll be a customer for LIFE!  That’s just how I roll 



ATTENTION Melanated ppl there’s now a sunscreen/sunblock designed just for us šŸ’ƒšŸ½

Meet Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa

Listen, the earth, foods, products, elements are all very different from when big mama and the ancestors were occupying the earth.  Yes melanin is a natural sunscreen that obsorbs the sun and works with us way more than against us, HOWEVER it doesn’t exempt us from skin cancer! FACT!  In fact it can/will delay the signs of skin cancer. 

Long ago, the foods were more organic, the products were more organic, the earth was in way better shape,  the elements were able to do its job and the waste was way more bio degradable vs. now with pollution to the 10 degree, global warming (yes I’m one of them), hormones/cloning and god knows what else in our foodsFDA should stand for Fooled our Dumb Ass because what they consider edible is a freaking joke and with Monsanto involved we are all screwed…but I digress 


Anyhoo back to sunscreen for the melanated 

These sisters are claiming no more white cast/residue that never blends in once dried or thick white pore clogging gunk but instead ingredients that work with our melanin and dries clear.  I’m sold hunty!


For the naysayers in the melanated community, No. We don’t have to be on the beach with pounds upon pounds of skin saving gunk slathered all over but, we do need to be protected just as much as our non melanated bro/sisters. FACT! And listen there are white people/poc (e.g. Italians, Spaniards, Asians) with naturally tanned melanated skin, so this is an option for you as well!!! Thank me later.  I bet you run into the same issues from time to time. This is not exclusive to Black people this is very inclusive trust me.  If you have melanin then I’m talking to you!  Dealing with only one kind of sunblock/screen for 1/2 a century or more, well that’s being exclusive!

I can’t believe no one bothered until now to really concentrate on darker skin tones for sun protection.  Yes we are all more alike than different especially in the beauty industry but there are differences and those differences should be celebrated, embraced and payed attention to.  Not boxed in, ignored or made to conform to things that really don’t work for Us, but you smile and bear it because it’s better than nothing or you become broke being a DIY’r looking like a mad scientist every 2 months…LOL yes that would be me.

Now in all fairness Neutrogena sunscreen has done right by me.  Not perfect but above average, no white cast and non comedogenic so I have to give props where props are due…but lean in I gotta keep it real with you 

I like supporting small businesses (of any ethnicity), however, I’m all about supporting black owned businesses.  I’ve spent 3 decades supporting everyone else…and I’m going to continue because let’s face it that’s the lion share of all consumerism, but it’s time to support those who have my needs in mind when creating a product.  Hopefully ALL my brothers & sisters can understand that.  the website states the sunscreen is coming soon…


Learn somethingĀ

Hey y’all! Let’s sip and chat a bit. Ā 

Far too often women with afro textured hair are accused of wearing weaves and wigs because they desire long [straight] hair…screeeeeeeeeech āœ‹šŸ¾ Ā nothing can be further from the truth as this article describes beautifully in detail with receipts (pictures). Ā In fact most times women with afro textured haired e.g. kinky, coily, tightly curled etc. have anywhere from 2-10 inches on average of hair bundled up in each coil.Ā 

The natural state of our God given coils are wrapped up into beautiful patterns that’s often mistaken for untamed, “napppy”, unattractive, unprofessional mess, when in actuality our hair grows towards the sun, defines itself and is gracefully and uniquely disrespectful. Ā 

I never understood why does someone else gets to define what beauty is by their warped, man made, manufactured, or often misconstrued redundant definition of beauty? In fact how do you tell someone that the way their hair grows out their head is wrong or ugly…I mean really think about that for a moment…insane right? Yes, I agreee.Ā 

NOTE: I’m not talking about unhealthy hair. Ā I’m speaking about Afro textured hair that is loved and embraced with TLC.

So the the next time you see a woman with tight coils or an afro of ANY texture (know that it’s not just kinky hair that’s afro textured) please oh please know she’s probably hiding a goldmine in each curl and if she stretched a strand of hair it might shock you into silence.Ā 

1. Stop assuming we are bald headed under weaves and wigs, 9 times out of 10 it’s actually the very oppositeĀ 

2. Stop assuming when you see an afro that that’s the actual length of our hair

3. Stop assuming when we press, relax, flat iron our natural hair we all have extensions, many times it’s our actual length in its straightened stateĀ 

4. Stop thinking all curls, kinks, coils are the same. Ā Just as anyone else our coils are also unique to each personĀ 

5. Stop judging afro textured hair and dismissing our hair because it doesn’t meet this manufactured standard of beauty. Ā I would never tell a red head curly girl because you’re not blonde straight hair’d you’re not pretty enough.Ā 

Let’s embrace all beauty. Ā The article is s great read with visuals…get into it! Ā Let’s discuss. Ā I would love to hear from you. šŸ˜Š


Hair Cocktail # 1,233,452,766

So was bumping around on Pintrest and came across yet another interesting healthy hair growth cocktail.  I visited a few of my “go to” hair forums and this seemed to be tried & true by some with all hair textures. Though my hair grows just fine on its own I’m always open to something that encourages healthy hair/skin/nails.  Now history and a well spent dollar has taught me besides a healthy diet and hair regimen THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL.  

When I returned to natural I made all the amateur mistakes.  Believing all the hype, chasing everything that said “100% satisfaction guaranteed” with some beautiful hair model earning her pay as the spokesperson and me keeping Fed-X busy with deliveries.  However, on the same note I have tried supplements that have encouraged healthier hair/skin/nails with positive results.  With that being said stop thinking you’re going to be repunzal in 30 days coo coo LOL! Nope not gonna happen at least not because you bought a magic hair pill.  If there was a magic pill then 90% of the world would be walking around stepping on their hair LOL!   

One scientific fact I learned was all heads of hair has its own growth cycles so if your hair is booming for a period of time that’s a big factor and GENETICS.  So let’s keep it realistic ladies and gents. I’m not in noway discouraging you from trying anything or discounting any positive experience you have had because I have had some as well, but what I am saying is BE REALISTIC and don’t spend all your coins and time chasing the magic hair fairy. God has given you everything you need. 

It’s been a long minute since I’ve tried something new.  My hair regimen and my attempts at eating healthy has been doing right by me, but this cocktail had so many other health & beauty benefits that I decided to give it a try (mine will have to be minus soy and I found soy free in the NOW product line reasonably priced).  When I do, I’ll definitely keep you posted. I’m in no rush but it is in my “to-try” list.  Like with anything research and consult your physician if necessary…even supplements can have serious side effects.

Tell me what you’ve tried or swear by. I would love to hear from you LIKE-COMMENT-SUBSCRIBE