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Happy Mother’s Day…My Kids Nailed It! 

My usual happy Mother’s Day ultimate gift is after breakfast, much hugs and kisses and gift exchanges my husband takes the kids from about 11-9p and I get the entire day to myself.

This year they stayed home and that was great too! And as you can see I got hooked up with a hand crafted jewelry box with red bottom’s signature paint and jewels, I received handmade jewelry, poems, great brefuss & lunch and an official “day off” badge that I put to serious work! Oh yeah in case my husband reads this post you did a great job as well my love, but nothing compared to your kids 

My prayer is that all mamas had as great a day as I did! And from what I’ve seen on social media many of you are having an outstanding day!  Much love, CnC


Pure Beauty! She Didn’t Let Alopecia Define Her 

In this world I believe we teach people more often than not to be victims.  To let life’s hiccups define us and control how we move forward in our daily lives.  I hate it and I try to demolish that god awful mentality every chance I get including in myself.

Well this beauty is my SHERO! She took the crown for “crazy hair day” 


Get Into Ballet On A New Level

Like Flight Attendants, Ballerinas are a group of people that seems ethereal to me.  Ok ok ethereal maybe a little too much, but we can all agree when we see either one we do a double take.  

Ballerinas carry a certain air about themselves that’s just dancing perfection.  I’ve been blessed to see a few ballerina shows live including the credited acclaimed Alvin Ailey (heaven shines a light) and it f*%%<?% amazes me how in the entire hell do they do 15-30 minute sets with their toes standing up on a block! Every ballerina should automatically own a massage company and a nail shop. Just on GP. 

Well I love when we tastefully redefine art (and art & beauty are defined by the beholder So please don’t debate me on my opinion) and these young ladies have taken ballet to another level.  I don’t know if they’re the first but damit I know they completely brought the  hallelu into hallelujah.  If you know of other redefining moments PLEASE SHARE WITH COCKTAILSNCHATTER 


Valentines Day Love

First!  Happy Valentines Day to all the couples, aspiring couples and those trying to get out the doghouse.  This is the perfect day to show some ❤️ 

 Thankfully my ball & chain treats me to wonderful tokens of his love all year round, so  I let him off the pressure hook years ago for this 1 day.  He still will give me a beautiful card or a little box of chocolates sometimes.  The difference is there’s no pressure.  It’s impromptu on his end and I know he appreciates that. 

Now he loves to shower his daughters with treats or tokens of love because they haven’t lived long enough to understand propaganda lol! He want to make sure before some little boy comes sniffing around with a wilted flower or a dusty box of chocolates they are already used to being treated special…holiday or no holiday. 

Just in case you’re wondering his kindness is reciprocated.  We often try to out give each other throughout the year.  


“The earth is the most dense place in the universe and when you can lighten up here you can affect the entire universe”



Women Nourish…

“Think of women as a placenta of nourishment”

“We (women) have the capacity to make everything better. Our capacity to nourish doesn’t stop with delivering life”


Chile I had to drink to the above statements.  I’ve NEVER understood women who believe they can’t/don’t have women friends.  My sister/friends water my soul. I connect very well to all women…with good energy.  A’se


Think Tank…

Think Tank…

‪”Getting older is enviable, aging is optional. As we’re moving through space getting older is an opportunity to increase our value & our competence”‬-Martina 

CocktailsnChatter Realism 

It’s not that I want my kids to be ok with not winning, I need them to know how to process defeat and turn it into encouragement. If you put in the work then you’re not a loser

Sooooo My baby was in a Spelling 🐝 Bee today (and the crowd Rrrroars), she made it all the way to the district, she’s been practicing for weeks and during this time I gave her 1 quote.  

From tens of kids starting out, She was 1 of 4 then she got eliminated! Round 14 out of 16 rounds. She was crushed! 

I swooped her up before the spirit of pity and doubt crept in, after a good cry, I lifted her head up, wiped them tears and said remember our quote, now repeat after me…!!!!!!!!


Let’s chat! What are some difficult times you’ve helped your kids overcome?