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Happy Mother’s Day…My Kids Nailed It! 

My usual happy Mother’s Day ultimate gift is after breakfast, much hugs and kisses and gift exchanges my husband takes the kids from about 11-9p and I get the entire day to myself.

This year they stayed home and that was great too! And as you can see I got hooked up with a hand crafted jewelry box with red bottom’s signature paint and jewels, I received handmade jewelry, poems, great brefuss & lunch and an official “day off” badge that I put to serious work! Oh yeah in case my husband reads this post you did a great job as well my love, but nothing compared to your kids 

My prayer is that all mamas had as great a day as I did! And from what I’ve seen on social media many of you are having an outstanding day!  Much love, CnC


Child Support or Support The Child? Let Me Count Thy Ways…

Finally someone who has broken down child support payments for the slow and impaired in under 3 minutes!   Yes there are abusers out there, but there are FAR more CSPWs (child support payment whiners) and deabeats than abusers (don’t debate me on this fact, check the stats) .  

Also it’s not a racial thing either (check the stats for all those automatically thinking of black & brown men), it’s a moral, compassion, grown adult, loving caring parent instinct “thing”.  

Yes, it goes for both men and women because THERE ARE DEADBEAT MAMAS TOO, but in comparison to whiny men who complain, dodge and whine even though the child’s needs, responsibilities and sacrifices far outweigh any payment made on a monthly basis is literally hand over fist! I’m just saying much of what it takes to raise a decent human being…you can’t buy.
No, I don’t have to receive child support, but if I did hopefully the man that I’ve come to know, love and married wouldn’t be a prick about child support because I damn well promise I would hold up my end of the bargain.  I’m also a firm believer in a person who is unable to pay with money, pay with time, support, interaction, team player, love, guidance, understanding and selflessness whenever needed or wanted!

Anyhoo check out this gentleman break it all the way down to the lowest common denominator in a little over two minutes…


Pure Beauty! She Didn’t Let Alopecia Define Her 

In this world I believe we teach people more often than not to be victims.  To let life’s hiccups define us and control how we move forward in our daily lives.  I hate it and I try to demolish that god awful mentality every chance I get including in myself.

Well this beauty is my SHERO! She took the crown for “crazy hair day” 


CocktailsnChatter Realism 

It’s not that I want my kids to be ok with not winning, I need them to know how to process defeat and turn it into encouragement. If you put in the work then you’re not a loser

Sooooo My baby was in a Spelling 🐝 Bee today (and the crowd Rrrroars), she made it all the way to the district, she’s been practicing for weeks and during this time I gave her 1 quote.  

From tens of kids starting out, She was 1 of 4 then she got eliminated! Round 14 out of 16 rounds. She was crushed! 

I swooped her up before the spirit of pity and doubt crept in, after a good cry, I lifted her head up, wiped them tears and said remember our quote, now repeat after me…!!!!!!!!


Let’s chat! What are some difficult times you’ve helped your kids overcome?  

CocktailsnChatter  Realism…

It took me a couple of days and a margarita to process and write about this incredible heart felt story.  I just read about this dad’s plight a few weeks back in which he explained why he took the painful picture on the right.  Yes we can argue “should he or should he not” have taken such a picture at the height of his baby girl’s battle, but a parent like myself who believes in open honest, age appropriate dialogues vs. unicorns and fairies when dropping life jewels on my kids, this was much appreciated and I understood his intent. I also understood since I’ve never walked a mile in his shoes it wasn’t up for my judgement or opinion, if I had one. 

I actually showed my kids the picture on the right when I first saw it to reiterate why it’s important to stop and smell the roses, treat people with love and kindness and appreciate each day you wake up YOU! I reinforced you will not always have the answers to everything in life just always find the lesson.  A’se.

I think it’s healthy for humans no matter the age to get a reality check.  Yes keep it age appropriate of course, but this little girl my kids could relate to due to her age.  I didn’t do it for shock factor and I  made sure they had a perspective on what this all meant.  Also the father took the picture (on the right) to show CANCER SUCKS! Cancer took my mom away, a pain I’ve only learned to compartmentalize so I get it, and I thank this dad for sharing such a private sensitive part of his family’s life. I guess we make decisions based off our experiences. 

Honestly I have these kinds of dialogues with my children to keep their spirit in check. And mine.  For them to see that many things we take for granted, shouldn’t be. My personal daily quote is “waking up is the best part of my day” And that’s not the case for many. So I try to start my day with an attitude of gratitude. 

Come to find out my husband can’t get this angel out his mind after he read about this.  He had no clue I had already saw it when he brought it up to me and it indeed made him feel some kinda way.  A tenderness in his voice I rarely hear.  

Well she now has her wings and is someone’s guardian angel, their light. I shedded a tear imagining this father’s loss, but I see it as she’s now free.  No more pain, drugs, tubes, poking, prodding, needles, sleepless nights, tormented days.  Nope, now baby girl is free to live on forever! It’s the ones we leave behind that we should mourn for.  Yes my kids might think I’m bat shit crazy right now, but if I leave this earth tomorrow I’ve given them  jewels money can’t buy.

REALISM: Fuck Cancer

REALISM: I have no real problems 


Old Skool vs. New Skool

Kids: Mommy we’re out of glass cleaner! Guess we can’t clean the mirrors, oh well.

Me: No we are not.

Kids: Yes we are mommy, see empty.

Me: No. We are out of windex but we are not out of window cleaner


Me: Hand me the vinegar and fill that bottle with water



The End 

Score: Mama 1- Kids 0


Foodie Reports 

Ok ok ok, I know my food presentation is not the best, HOWEVER this damn dish was! So quick and easy.  So delicious, flavorful and filling.  Yes my family and I got our lives along with a few well worth it calories in this dish. Anything that will feed these crumb snatchers in under an hour is my bff. 


Box Spanish yellow rice (any brand) y’all know I usually make my own but I didn’t have saffron. I tend to hate box preserved pre seasoned foods BUT…

Hillshire Farm’s Chicken Garlic Sausage 

Sweet Onion

Colorful bell peppers 

1 skillet

25 minutes (45 total if you count dicing, searing & sauté) 

I do sear/sauté meats and veggies about 3 minutes first, then I add and followed the directions of the Spanish rice and 25 minutes later WAHLAH! 

DONE! Literally DONE.  Between the sausage and the Spanish rice all your seasoning is incorporated just right! And trust me I! Don’t! Do! Bland! 

I paired this delicious meal with my favorite veggie asparagus and if you don’t want to make separate veggies throw in broccoli florets the last 10 minutes.  I also made a fresh Caesar salad with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and my DIY Greek yogurt Caesar dressing yummmm and 1 glass of my new favorite ripple Lambrusco red wine TWIST CAP of course LMAO! Now, since it’s rice I didn’t do bread, but that’s always an option. OR you can simply eat this by itself. It’s a meal in 1. 

This fed a family of 4 no leftovers but my kids had seconds.  If feeding more than that or you want leftovers, double the recipe. HAPPY EATING.