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Little Women Of Atlanta Review 

Now I rarely do Unreality TV show reviews BUT, I like LWOA… so lesgo! 

First stop Minnie & Mamaville…chile I did a post of Minnie and her mama last season after the “chicken lives matter” episode so I’ll keep this short and quick.  Minnie has no individuality (and it’s not due to lack of skillset or capability), a jealous heart, victim-ism and peekaboo sociopath tendencies…basically Minnie is a basket case and she get it from her mama.  The End. 

Tanya, Tanya, Tanya…girlfriend I see through all that passive aggressive, low whisper ass vernacular, run your bulky ass away when you’re pulled to the carpet ass facade you put out.  You lay your ass down with these men WHICH LET ME MAKE CLEAR is totally your business because your kids look loved and well taken care of, but my fake beef with you is what you’re expecting from a man that showed you who he was long before LWOA!   Got this boy carrying you through parking lots on his hip like you need a diaper change…girl bye! You have LOW self esteem and you turn it into victim-ism, I hate that shat!  However, I’m sure it’s directly related to your midgetness (yes I made that word up) And stop all that whispering when you talk like you’re a member of the Jacksons! 

Then we have the TWIN, who’s about to mess up her money over an ain shat boy who treats running away like it’s a paying gig and returns because your door revolves like Macys at Christmas time.  

So when you screw up you & your sister’s potential to make mad money to take care of your precious babies and bring them together so you can be the awesome mom you desire then tf what?  I’ll tell you!  You’ll be trapped in unreality TV forever getting pennies while they make millions off you climbing up on barstools to still twerk at the local bah.  This isn’t what your daddy showed you so BOSS UP! Stop saying “my kids my kids” when really it’s this soft tissue ass boy you’re running behind…and all the running he’s doing he’s either running to another woman or running to his probation checks…another girl bye! 

Monie girl…you’re ok with me!  You’re displaying growth in your attitude, behaviors and professionalism.  You have pursued your dream of doing voiceovers which I think is brilliant when you unlock your gifts.  You’re desiring a stronger relationship with your son and I love the way you assume responsibility for your shat!  

However, you’re going to lose that man of yours if you don’t grow a few inches in the relationship realm.  You’re doing stupid stuff, especially on camera.  He doesn’t even look at you as loving as he used to (IMO), but he’s still there in your corner so you still got him.  Girl listen he’s a truck driver so he spends large amounts of time on the road…alone.  That’s a lot of time to think, assume, analyze and interpret.  You can either be the flower that fragrance his life or the thorn that causes pain.  Don’t let unreality tv send you to that sunken place..the relationship graveyard.  He’s not a Hollywood dude from what I gather so “Monie” on tv does not impress him one bit! 

Miss Juicy Baby…I likes you, I like you on the radio with RS and you’re really funny, but I can’t fvvx with you outside of that.  Nope, nada, no ma’am!  You seem messy, loose lipped, and a high key shit starter.  You do/say shitvto see people’s reaction knowing it’s messy.  Yep all the things that will get a chicken wang thrown on ya head…oh wait that happened already LOL! 

You just seem too old for the way unreality TV is portraying you.  I mean I know the editing room stay busy with trickery but they’re getting the material from somewhere so what’s the tea Juicy!  Iz you finished or iz you done? Is the question.  People in your age group want to see growth and maturity, way more than this stunted growth behavior (no pun intended I think).  Juicy, you already got the gimmick on lock. You’ve reeled us in with your radio show and funny personality, now keep us!  Don’t let the rich tv people screw up what you’ve built.  Low key check they ass and build your brand on concrete vs. sand on their dime and time!

Harpo who dis woman? She purdy but her storyline is like paint drying.  


Let’s Wig Out…

“Outre Big Beautiful Hair 4A kinky” is her name but I’m going call her “Nina Jane” and by “her” I mean the wig.  Yes ma’am that’s exactly what’s going on in these 3 separate videos of beautiful women who absolutely took fierceness to another level!  

If you’re anything like me you haven’t  crossed over to the wig family…yet.  However, I was so over sew ins and so was my coin purse, but all the way here for this new wave of clip ins and so was my budget, and thought I was content at least until I met Nina Jane via YT.  

I’m natural 7 years now and counting but I love versatility, but I’m cautious. My round face and slanted eyes, though pretty, makes throwing caution to the wind a challenge at times.  

However, if I can go from this 

To slayage

Then hunty 

I’m all in! 

This is Ms. Shauntania Beckford and she slayed the hell out of this wig by Outre.  Her video is listed below along with 2 other beautiful wig whisperers! 


Happy Mother’s Day…My Kids Nailed It! 

My usual happy Mother’s Day ultimate gift is after breakfast, much hugs and kisses and gift exchanges my husband takes the kids from about 11-9p and I get the entire day to myself.

This year they stayed home and that was great too! And as you can see I got hooked up with a hand crafted jewelry box with red bottom’s signature paint and jewels, I received handmade jewelry, poems, great brefuss & lunch and an official “day off” badge that I put to serious work! Oh yeah in case my husband reads this post you did a great job as well my love, but nothing compared to your kids 

My prayer is that all mamas had as great a day as I did! And from what I’ve seen on social media many of you are having an outstanding day!  Much love, CnC


Make Up or Break Up?  What the make up industry have to learn

Yes. The. Struggle. Is. Real. 

This is why until certain MAKE UP COMPANIES & STORES have total inclusivity we should just STOP! If you’re going to take a blind chance buying and ordering products then do it with a small business and/or with black owned/poc businesses that’s all about inclusivity.  

My Struggle 

I have this problem in my local Walgreens and targets.  Yes the area I live in is 70%+ white and Mexican but hey that leaves about 30% of melanated people hanging.  In fact my local stores struggle to even put varied melanated shades in their stores at all, or very little (e.g. 2 rows of melanated foundations vs. 4 rows of “others”) which results in my shades selling out quickly, me having to travel all over town and the stores are slow to re-up 😡 

Business Per Usual 

The stores place the blame on the manufacturers, the manufacturers place the blame on the stores, but no one cares enough to take ownership and find what seems to be an easy fix all whilst taking our all lives matter, all inclusive dollar (yes I’m throwing shade).  And trust me this complaint comes from all poc not just black people. ☕️👩🏾👩🏽👩🏿👩🏼

Wishful Thinking 

I want my non melanated sis/bros to know there are plenty of black owned cosmetic companies that are inclusive of your shades on the color spectrum and have really beautiful fire ass colors and products.  I’m  talking foundations, shadows, lips, lashes bronzers etc. that are of excellent great quality. 


 Poc and black people in this industry seem to ALWAYS think about every skin tone from Iman, Black Opal, Coloured Raine, KA’OIR and the list goes on. Reason why is, melanated people are way more inclusive out the gate because poc and black people come in a wide range of shades so we generally HAVE TO be inclusive (this doesn’t mean the Macs and Bobbi Browns are not so get your panties out a bunch LOL).  It just means we tend to not see a reason to box anyone out especially if their money spends all the same.  That’s just smart business. 

Trust Me I Get It

Though I know for my non melanated sis/bros these stores and manufacturers are  industry giants, easily accessible, marketing Tsunamis and a one stop shop with total ease…FOR YOU, but how are smaller companies going to ever take down the cosmetic giants and even the playing fields if you don’t help? Trust me companies become our bitch when they know YOU KNOW you have the power.  That’s just the way capitalism works. 

Can You Hear Me Now? 

I’m speaking to the ones that actually care to see change. I’ll bet you have girlfriends/guy friends in all shades that you love, admire, respect, hang out with and genuinely care about, think how much you would be helping them/us if you kicked up dust when you entered these stores, using your voice, complaining to a manager, questioning them and wanting an answer, asking for corporate a number and/or flood emails?  Yo, I’m not asking you to not meet your cosmetic needs, just asking that you use your power to create change! 

In fact you (non melanated) would probably grab their attention more because the industry tends to cater to you. It’s a billion dollar industry so if fifty to a hundred thousand took a stand and complained, hit social media (like the author of this post linked below did), made some serious noise or threatened their profit and brand name I guarantee not only would they take notice but swift action to resolve this ever so EASY ASS FIX would be handled in a snap. 


To the companies Listen black people and POC are not saying we won’t support or don’t like your products, I’ll even acknowledge improvements through the years, I mean the stats clearly shows we love make up just like the next, but we are tired of being boxed out, unheard, unlearned and dismissed at our cost. We freely give you our money in exchange for the latest and greatest but when we voice frustration or try to correct a wrong we get the standard computer generated email and/or “guest services” raggedy ass replies. Uuuggghhh the good thing is Many are taking a stand so take heed.

However, this struggle is not new, you have make up favs/gurus/experts like Jackie Aina who have covered the industry woes, voiced her complaints, used her massive platform to reach thousands and offered solutions especially as it pertains to shade variations just as much as she endorses and praises when it’s done right!  And yes, that helps tremendously especially when you have over a million followers but even they need our help as well to achieve change so lesgo!

Fabulous Post

If you don’t have FB here you go


Movie Time In July

Ok I’m a sucker for a great comedy.  Like a really a LOL, spit out your drink, tears, catch your breath comedy.  If I was able to make a comedy my starting line up would be MELISSA MCCARTHY, JENNIFER LEWIS AND MO’NIQUE.  That’s like my comedy holy trinity but if I can’t have them I’ll take the cast of “Girl’s Trip”

“Four friends (Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, TIFFANY HADDISH, Queen Latifah) are in for the adventure of a lifetime when they travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival. Along the way, they rekindle their sisterhood and rediscover their wild side by doing enough dancing, drinking, brawling and romancing to make the Big Easy” 

Production company: Will Packer Productions

You think this will be a cool comedy or the best parts will be shown in the previews? You know how holloywood play us.  Oh well I’ll be there with a homegirl or two, yes we will have our big purses with our food (hot wings are my movie food of choice), snacks (licorice or snicker) and wine (can’t forget your bottled water)…and if it’s a pay day weekend we’ll splurge on theater nachos with jalapeños!  Shaddup don’t judge LOL


Women Nourish…

“Think of women as a placenta of nourishment”

“We (women) have the capacity to make everything better. Our capacity to nourish doesn’t stop with delivering life”


Chile I had to drink to the above statements.  I’ve NEVER understood women who believe they can’t/don’t have women friends.  My sister/friends water my soul. I connect very well to all women…with good energy.  A’se


And Then Came Boot Camp…

Get your glass because I’m on one!

How in THEE fuq do you go to the gym on a regular basis and sign up for a low level boot camp and feel like you have muscular dystrophy? Huh? What? Can somebody please answer this? Hands?

Listen! I was referred to a cool boot camp by my natural hairstylist,, cost friendly (because y’all know boot camps is like a mortgage. Worth it but daaaaaamn), cool atmosphere and it goes hard in the paint but not lifting a 150lb tire and running through the forest hard.  So my husband was like “I got you” I was like “oooooo boo a coochie coupon for you” 

Anyhoo, I got some things I have to tighten up.  WHAT woman over the age of 30 don’t.  I have family members getting married, I have wardrobes changes I’m dreaming about, I’m vain af, I have a handsome husband that keeps it looking good, he’s gotten a little grown man weight on him that looks swell and overall just some personal health goals I want to keep in tact.  Now what I can’t do is all them contraptions to create the illusion…nope!  I like my rib cage where it is, I like my bladder to work properly and I like to breath…normally. So with this being said, I rather just get it tight and right by putting in the work.  Shat who I’m kidding, I don’t have the 10k for the plastic surgery I want, wait! Hmmm maybe I’ll start me a go fu…never mind (note to self check into that). 

So first day of class, first 5 minutes I’m good, friendly atmosphere, music is FIRE, squeezing in a booty pop here and there and I’m pretty familiar with the exercises.  Then I come back from a lap and found out that was just the ga-damn warm up…da entire fuq in all the United Nations States of all the Americas! Just! Like! That! I think she tried to kill me or maybe I’ve been bs’n in the gym.  “I’ll take bs’n in the gym for the win Alex” when you have a structured atmosphere and somebody on you pushing pass your comfort zone then real shit happens. What I do like is the realistic, common sense meal plan that I’m sure I’m going to play around with but it’s very doable and one that will keep me from becoming an unibomber because I’m dying for a piece of bread.

Well I made it the entire 45 minutes 

but a win is a win.  I will be returning.  All I can say is, I better be a size 2 1/2 with a 10″ waist and thighs that can crush a walnut when this is all said and done. I already hate exercising and CocktailsnChatter stay in my ear like “walking to the counter to order your food is cardio” so like your muffin top the struggle continues…Where’s my damn epsom sawt. Xoxo


Let’s chat.  Who’s in a boot camp? What was your experience? 

Scriptures For Hooping It Up

Thou shalt not EVER speak ill of hoop earrangs!  They are never out of season, never hood and never ever BASIC! Let’s discuss.  Earlosians 1:1

From The swap Meet, to the Walmart, to the Target, to the Macy’s, to the HSN, to the Bloomingdales.  From white gold, sterling silver, brass, 14k, diamond studded Swarovski crystals, name plates, bamboo, wrapped in material or the earrangs that make your ear lobes itch (reaches for Neosporin LOL)…ROCK THEM BITCHES like Prince rocked heels..with swag, style and class. Earlosians 1: 2-10

Anyone feeling me?  Hands? 

What’s your favorite earring style?  Holla at ya girl CocktailsnChatter