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Strength Of A Thousand Ancestors Mommy Work Out

See this sista girl’s work out…she grinds like no other, mother of 4…BUT WAIT POCAHONTAS  watch til the very end…

Now for some “no big deal”, but for a non committed self proclaimed (lazy) delusional 4 slices of pizza and a nap eating fake work out queen 👸🏾 this is nothing short of bad ass!!

And Then Came Boot Camp…

Get your glass because I’m on one!

How in THEE fuq do you go to the gym on a regular basis and sign up for a low level boot camp and feel like you have muscular dystrophy? Huh? What? Can somebody please answer this? Hands?

Listen! I was referred to a cool boot camp by my natural hairstylist,, cost friendly (because y’all know boot camps is like a mortgage. Worth it but daaaaaamn), cool atmosphere and it goes hard in the paint but not lifting a 150lb tire and running through the forest hard.  So my husband was like “I got you” I was like “oooooo boo a coochie coupon for you” 

Anyhoo, I got some things I have to tighten up.  WHAT woman over the age of 30 don’t.  I have family members getting married, I have wardrobes changes I’m dreaming about, I’m vain af, I have a handsome husband that keeps it looking good, he’s gotten a little grown man weight on him that looks swell and overall just some personal health goals I want to keep in tact.  Now what I can’t do is all them contraptions to create the illusion…nope!  I like my rib cage where it is, I like my bladder to work properly and I like to breath…normally. So with this being said, I rather just get it tight and right by putting in the work.  Shat who I’m kidding, I don’t have the 10k for the plastic surgery I want, wait! Hmmm maybe I’ll start me a go fu…never mind (note to self check into that). 

So first day of class, first 5 minutes I’m good, friendly atmosphere, music is FIRE, squeezing in a booty pop here and there and I’m pretty familiar with the exercises.  Then I come back from a lap and found out that was just the ga-damn warm up…da entire fuq in all the United Nations States of all the Americas! Just! Like! That! I think she tried to kill me or maybe I’ve been bs’n in the gym.  “I’ll take bs’n in the gym for the win Alex” when you have a structured atmosphere and somebody on you pushing pass your comfort zone then real shit happens. What I do like is the realistic, common sense meal plan that I’m sure I’m going to play around with but it’s very doable and one that will keep me from becoming an unibomber because I’m dying for a piece of bread.

Well I made it the entire 45 minutes 

but a win is a win.  I will be returning.  All I can say is, I better be a size 2 1/2 with a 10″ waist and thighs that can crush a walnut when this is all said and done. I already hate exercising and CocktailsnChatter stay in my ear like “walking to the counter to order your food is cardio” so like your muffin top the struggle continues…Where’s my damn epsom sawt. Xoxo


Let’s chat.  Who’s in a boot camp? What was your experience? 

Trim That Waist Sis! 

Heyyyyy 👋🏾 y’all!!!  I know CocktailsnChatter has  been gone for a minute!  You bloggers know if you don’t make your passion a priority your site will become just a graveyard for your passion.  Well I’m trying not to let life get in the way so much…

Thank You to all my loyal readers & supporters! 

Now the good stuff!  Yes you can spend money on the fancy stuff.  Yes you can buy all the waist trainers that moves your liver to your rib cage and your spleen to your bowels just so you can have a size 2 waist…GIRL BOO BYE

Well this is my $4.96 Walmart special.  If used on a consistent basis it lasts a good 6 months (that includes washing it) and this bad boy make you sweat like like Trump around a hairline (that’s call palm tree shade 🌴)

This is tried and true.  It come S, M, L. It’s very comfortable, affordable and effective.  No you can’t wear it under cute form fitting clothes but you can wear it under some attire, like I’ve worn it under work shirts (that’s not fitted) and/or while running errands, doing chores, and of course anything gym related or a workout. I have seen inches melt away and when doing cardio the amount of sweat I accumulate is really impressive.  When I take it off I’m like…

Let’s do a special toast to a new post!  Ahhhh hell I’ll toast to an ant colony who am I kidding long as I’m sipping LOL! 


Exercise anyone?


Hey y’all!  Can someone tell me where’s this runner’s high?  This addiction to working out?  This “if you do something for 21 days it will become a habit”?  At least when it comes to working out. GIRL BYE! BOY GET ON!  This is me every time I hit the gym.  And though I like the elliptical.  I mean a little ratchet rap or up beat R&B or whatever gets you hype, jump on that elliptical and GET! MY! ENTIRE! LIFE in 45 minutes!  I’m just saying.  Yes. I’m the one in the gym dancing on the elliptical…smh!  Doing too much and not caring.  However, this longing and craving of exercise I often hear people speak about when they miss a gym day, just doesn’t reside in me.

Yes, I feel great when I’m done, but it’s getting to the “done” part that stresses me out. With the kids being out for the summer, I haven’t been able to tackle the gym like I would like, but between you and I, I’m not crying about it. Plus it’s 80/20 diet anyway.  Yes, I do feel some limbs acting up because they’re not getting any exercise, but it’s nothing a quick 3 minute dance to some Trina can’t fix.  That’s really what I need to do is join a dance class, because I’m forever bouncing, twerkin’ and trying to shake a leg.  My gym doesn’t offer classes, but I may need to re-think that since I love to dance.  In the mean-time, just know that’s me in the picture times 10!  Gotta go my glass is empty.

Can anyone relate to me?  You have tips or want to share your exercise highs and lows?  Talk to ya girl!