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Little Women Of Atlanta Review 

Now I rarely do Unreality TV show reviews BUT, I like LWOA… so lesgo! 

First stop Minnie & Mamaville…chile I did a post of Minnie and her mama last season after the “chicken lives matter” episode so I’ll keep this short and quick.  Minnie has no individuality (and it’s not due to lack of skillset or capability), a jealous heart, victim-ism and peekaboo sociopath tendencies…basically Minnie is a basket case and she get it from her mama.  The End. 

Tanya, Tanya, Tanya…girlfriend I see through all that passive aggressive, low whisper ass vernacular, run your bulky ass away when you’re pulled to the carpet ass facade you put out.  You lay your ass down with these men WHICH LET ME MAKE CLEAR is totally your business because your kids look loved and well taken care of, but my fake beef with you is what you’re expecting from a man that showed you who he was long before LWOA!   Got this boy carrying you through parking lots on his hip like you need a diaper change…girl bye! You have LOW self esteem and you turn it into victim-ism, I hate that shat!  However, I’m sure it’s directly related to your midgetness (yes I made that word up) And stop all that whispering when you talk like you’re a member of the Jacksons! 

Then we have the TWIN, who’s about to mess up her money over an ain shat boy who treats running away like it’s a paying gig and returns because your door revolves like Macys at Christmas time.  

So when you screw up you & your sister’s potential to make mad money to take care of your precious babies and bring them together so you can be the awesome mom you desire then tf what?  I’ll tell you!  You’ll be trapped in unreality TV forever getting pennies while they make millions off you climbing up on barstools to still twerk at the local bah.  This isn’t what your daddy showed you so BOSS UP! Stop saying “my kids my kids” when really it’s this soft tissue ass boy you’re running behind…and all the running he’s doing he’s either running to another woman or running to his probation checks…another girl bye! 

Monie girl…you’re ok with me!  You’re displaying growth in your attitude, behaviors and professionalism.  You have pursued your dream of doing voiceovers which I think is brilliant when you unlock your gifts.  You’re desiring a stronger relationship with your son and I love the way you assume responsibility for your shat!  

However, you’re going to lose that man of yours if you don’t grow a few inches in the relationship realm.  You’re doing stupid stuff, especially on camera.  He doesn’t even look at you as loving as he used to (IMO), but he’s still there in your corner so you still got him.  Girl listen he’s a truck driver so he spends large amounts of time on the road…alone.  That’s a lot of time to think, assume, analyze and interpret.  You can either be the flower that fragrance his life or the thorn that causes pain.  Don’t let unreality tv send you to that sunken place..the relationship graveyard.  He’s not a Hollywood dude from what I gather so “Monie” on tv does not impress him one bit! 

Miss Juicy Baby…I likes you, I like you on the radio with RS and you’re really funny, but I can’t fvvx with you outside of that.  Nope, nada, no ma’am!  You seem messy, loose lipped, and a high key shit starter.  You do/say shitvto see people’s reaction knowing it’s messy.  Yep all the things that will get a chicken wang thrown on ya head…oh wait that happened already LOL! 

You just seem too old for the way unreality TV is portraying you.  I mean I know the editing room stay busy with trickery but they’re getting the material from somewhere so what’s the tea Juicy!  Iz you finished or iz you done? Is the question.  People in your age group want to see growth and maturity, way more than this stunted growth behavior (no pun intended I think).  Juicy, you already got the gimmick on lock. You’ve reeled us in with your radio show and funny personality, now keep us!  Don’t let the rich tv people screw up what you’ve built.  Low key check they ass and build your brand on concrete vs. sand on their dime and time!

Harpo who dis woman? She purdy but her storyline is like paint drying.  


Prom Slayage pt. II

Yes girl & guy friends my neice returned the favor to her prom date.  See below. 


He was such a gentleman and very debonair may I add,  that she gladly accepted the invitation to be his date 2 weeks later.  Take a look at the 2 cherry bombs 🍒

Like damit! I! Demand! A! Redo! These kids are really doing it and I love the visuals.  Fortunately like I stated before NO. My sister friend does not go broke buying into prom galas.  She budgets, including setting a realistic budget, bargains, plans…knows how to say “no” and gets a bang out of life when she comes in under budget, which is often! 

So no matter how much glitz and glam, pomp & circumstance you see just know not every parent remortgage their life for a 2 day glamorous event. 


Movie Time In July

Ok I’m a sucker for a great comedy.  Like a really a LOL, spit out your drink, tears, catch your breath comedy.  If I was able to make a comedy my starting line up would be MELISSA MCCARTHY, JENNIFER LEWIS AND MO’NIQUE.  That’s like my comedy holy trinity but if I can’t have them I’ll take the cast of “Girl’s Trip”

“Four friends (Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, TIFFANY HADDISH, Queen Latifah) are in for the adventure of a lifetime when they travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival. Along the way, they rekindle their sisterhood and rediscover their wild side by doing enough dancing, drinking, brawling and romancing to make the Big Easy” 

Production company: Will Packer Productions

You think this will be a cool comedy or the best parts will be shown in the previews? You know how holloywood play us.  Oh well I’ll be there with a homegirl or two, yes we will have our big purses with our food (hot wings are my movie food of choice), snacks (licorice or snicker) and wine (can’t forget your bottled water)…and if it’s a pay day weekend we’ll splurge on theater nachos with jalapeños!  Shaddup don’t judge LOL


Who Remembers Soul Train? 

Yep every Saturday morning in African American culture we watched a cult classic called Soul Train!  It went like this,  you ate breakfast, cleaned up, watched Soul Train then went outside to play…if you don’t know well *sips wine*



I know I’m late posting this but #PrinceDay

Eric Clapton said it best, when a reporter asked him what did it feel like to be one of the greatest guitar players Eric responded “I dunno ask Prince” The End 

How did you celebrate #princeday on the anniversary of his death? I jammed out all damn day!  


Party Foods…Lesgo! 

So I’ve slowed down tremendously nowadays but I used to love entertaining and as a courtesy/etiquette you have to set out something for your guests to munch and sip on.  Now at most gatherings unless otherwise stated expect finger foods.  Here’s a secret if you’re between 18-35 years old you will be inundated with wedding and baby showers invites.  You will either be hosting or a guest but you’ll be there in some capacity so you will get real familiar with a party menu.

If your like me you’re tired of the spaghetti, meatball, fried chicken (well maybe not the chicken lol) menu, tasty but dated, tired and BORING.  Now don’t get me wrong being a southern gal at heart I love a hearty meal, but with age I’ve classed it up some and pay great attention to detail, presentation, variety and taste.  So I started with the sherbet punch that I’ve always called the “church pernch”.   YES, it is liquid diabetes but if you’re up for it then go ‘head and get your entire life!!  Now if you’re trying to preserve your limbs then nothing beats a refreshing pitcher of flavored water! Cut up some fresh fruit, mint and cucumber, throw it in some fresh water and I promise you there won’t be a dry mouth in the building!

Get into some of these fresh ideas 

Now at the end of the day for my $25 Target gift card I’ve given to the guest of honor I want to be chewing on something so whatever you’re serving I’m going to plate it up and chew like nobody’s business, but it’s been nice seeing the new ways people are serving up party foods.  These are just a few ideas but there are so many creative people and there’s a menu for everyone.  So if your vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian etc. there’s new ways to serve great tasting party foods!

Theres a few goals when planning a small party or shower menu.  Right off the bat is cost effectiveness, feeding a crowd of any size can be costly so watch your coins, make smart choices and start buying a little at a time in advance.  Another is you want your guests to be satisfied.  No, hosts are not trying to serve you a full on Sunday dinner, but your host does not want to hear your stomach growling while opening gifts either. Chile you know they’ll talk about you on FB like a dirty dog to!  Making a little go a long way is a good thing so buy foods that can stretch, is satisfying and flavorful.  You also want as little clean up as possible.  Funny because I’m learning many guests appreciate foods that keeps their fingers and clothes clean.  So K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweets) 

Description of images

  • Who doesn’t love a good chicken salad 
  • A mean deviled egg with bacon toppings is always a crowd pleaser 
  • Need I say more? Mac & cheese wins the crowd everytime 
  • 7 layer dip in individual serving sizes…BRAVO 
  • I love veggies and with most people a side of ranch is a perfect match so why not serve it up for your guests already prepared 
  • Sliders & potato chips will get you an applause.  Two American favorites (the picture is shredded beef sliders)
  • CEVICHE!! You see that on the table with a bowl of tortilla chips and you know God is in the building.  THE END

Please share some of your party food ideas with CocktailsnChatter