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Let’s Wig Out…

“Outre Big Beautiful Hair 4A kinky” is her name but I’m going call her “Nina Jane” and by “her” I mean the wig.  Yes ma’am that’s exactly what’s going on in these 3 separate videos of beautiful women who absolutely took fierceness to another level!  

If you’re anything like me you haven’t  crossed over to the wig family…yet.  However, I was so over sew ins and so was my coin purse, but all the way here for this new wave of clip ins and so was my budget, and thought I was content at least until I met Nina Jane via YT.  

I’m natural 7 years now and counting but I love versatility, but I’m cautious. My round face and slanted eyes, though pretty, makes throwing caution to the wind a challenge at times.  

However, if I can go from this 

To slayage

Then hunty 

I’m all in! 

This is Ms. Shauntania Beckford and she slayed the hell out of this wig by Outre.  Her video is listed below along with 2 other beautiful wig whisperers! 


Baby oil vs. Something Better

Meet Meet Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa 

So I recently found out that my beloved baby oil is a derivative of petroleum just like Vaseline.  I stopped using Vaseline years ago because of it’s petroleum properties and yes petroleum as in “petro on the go” gas o line…but geesh not my baby url…

Baaaaybay bay bay when I tell you a squirt in your bath water or slather it on after a shower while still damp will give you everlasting life I MEAN EXACTLY THAT! My skin stay soft as a baby’s toosh, the scent lady forever and it’s light and airy, my kids skin is so soft and let’s just say my husband loves the scent and the suppleness of it everywhere baby url touches me, but of course in the information era they’re the joy killers!  I swear they just don’t want me to be great! 

Well I’m weak when it comes to my favs and no I’ve never heard of any deaths contributed to baby url and I can’t say I will turn my back on it forever but I’m open to trying something new like… 

yes, these are the same sisters that created…

I’ll keep you posted,  I’ll be ordering really soon.  I can’t wait for their products to make it to the stores (hopefully).  Convenience always plays a part, but I won’t let that deter me from supporting small businesses and/or investing in more earth friendly organic products.  And if it’s a good product then I’ll be a customer for LIFE!  That’s just how I roll 



ATTENTION Melanated ppl there’s now a sunscreen/sunblock designed just for us 💃🏽

Meet Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa

Listen, the earth, foods, products, elements are all very different from when big mama and the ancestors were occupying the earth.  Yes melanin is a natural sunscreen that obsorbs the sun and works with us way more than against us, HOWEVER it doesn’t exempt us from skin cancer! FACT!  In fact it can/will delay the signs of skin cancer. 

Long ago, the foods were more organic, the products were more organic, the earth was in way better shape,  the elements were able to do its job and the waste was way more bio degradable vs. now with pollution to the 10 degree, global warming (yes I’m one of them), hormones/cloning and god knows what else in our foodsFDA should stand for Fooled our Dumb Ass because what they consider edible is a freaking joke and with Monsanto involved we are all screwed…but I digress 


Anyhoo back to sunscreen for the melanated 

These sisters are claiming no more white cast/residue that never blends in once dried or thick white pore clogging gunk but instead ingredients that work with our melanin and dries clear.  I’m sold hunty!


For the naysayers in the melanated community, No. We don’t have to be on the beach with pounds upon pounds of skin saving gunk slathered all over but, we do need to be protected just as much as our non melanated bro/sisters. FACT! And listen there are white people/poc (e.g. Italians, Spaniards, Asians) with naturally tanned melanated skin, so this is an option for you as well!!! Thank me later.  I bet you run into the same issues from time to time. This is not exclusive to Black people this is very inclusive trust me.  If you have melanin then I’m talking to you!  Dealing with only one kind of sunblock/screen for 1/2 a century or more, well that’s being exclusive!

I can’t believe no one bothered until now to really concentrate on darker skin tones for sun protection.  Yes we are all more alike than different especially in the beauty industry but there are differences and those differences should be celebrated, embraced and payed attention to.  Not boxed in, ignored or made to conform to things that really don’t work for Us, but you smile and bear it because it’s better than nothing or you become broke being a DIY’r looking like a mad scientist every 2 months…LOL yes that would be me.

Now in all fairness Neutrogena sunscreen has done right by me.  Not perfect but above average, no white cast and non comedogenic so I have to give props where props are due…but lean in I gotta keep it real with you 

I like supporting small businesses (of any ethnicity), however, I’m all about supporting black owned businesses.  I’ve spent 3 decades supporting everyone else…and I’m going to continue because let’s face it that’s the lion share of all consumerism, but it’s time to support those who have my needs in mind when creating a product.  Hopefully ALL my brothers & sisters can understand that.  the website states the sunscreen is coming soon…


Make Up or Break Up?  What the make up industry have to learn

Yes. The. Struggle. Is. Real. 

This is why until certain MAKE UP COMPANIES & STORES have total inclusivity we should just STOP! If you’re going to take a blind chance buying and ordering products then do it with a small business and/or with black owned/poc businesses that’s all about inclusivity.  

My Struggle 

I have this problem in my local Walgreens and targets.  Yes the area I live in is 70%+ white and Mexican but hey that leaves about 30% of melanated people hanging.  In fact my local stores struggle to even put varied melanated shades in their stores at all, or very little (e.g. 2 rows of melanated foundations vs. 4 rows of “others”) which results in my shades selling out quickly, me having to travel all over town and the stores are slow to re-up 😡 

Business Per Usual 

The stores place the blame on the manufacturers, the manufacturers place the blame on the stores, but no one cares enough to take ownership and find what seems to be an easy fix all whilst taking our all lives matter, all inclusive dollar (yes I’m throwing shade).  And trust me this complaint comes from all poc not just black people. ☕️👩🏾👩🏽👩🏿👩🏼

Wishful Thinking 

I want my non melanated sis/bros to know there are plenty of black owned cosmetic companies that are inclusive of your shades on the color spectrum and have really beautiful fire ass colors and products.  I’m  talking foundations, shadows, lips, lashes bronzers etc. that are of excellent great quality. 


 Poc and black people in this industry seem to ALWAYS think about every skin tone from Iman, Black Opal, Coloured Raine, KA’OIR and the list goes on. Reason why is, melanated people are way more inclusive out the gate because poc and black people come in a wide range of shades so we generally HAVE TO be inclusive (this doesn’t mean the Macs and Bobbi Browns are not so get your panties out a bunch LOL).  It just means we tend to not see a reason to box anyone out especially if their money spends all the same.  That’s just smart business. 

Trust Me I Get It

Though I know for my non melanated sis/bros these stores and manufacturers are  industry giants, easily accessible, marketing Tsunamis and a one stop shop with total ease…FOR YOU, but how are smaller companies going to ever take down the cosmetic giants and even the playing fields if you don’t help? Trust me companies become our bitch when they know YOU KNOW you have the power.  That’s just the way capitalism works. 

Can You Hear Me Now? 

I’m speaking to the ones that actually care to see change. I’ll bet you have girlfriends/guy friends in all shades that you love, admire, respect, hang out with and genuinely care about, think how much you would be helping them/us if you kicked up dust when you entered these stores, using your voice, complaining to a manager, questioning them and wanting an answer, asking for corporate a number and/or flood emails?  Yo, I’m not asking you to not meet your cosmetic needs, just asking that you use your power to create change! 

In fact you (non melanated) would probably grab their attention more because the industry tends to cater to you. It’s a billion dollar industry so if fifty to a hundred thousand took a stand and complained, hit social media (like the author of this post linked below did), made some serious noise or threatened their profit and brand name I guarantee not only would they take notice but swift action to resolve this ever so EASY ASS FIX would be handled in a snap. 


To the companies Listen black people and POC are not saying we won’t support or don’t like your products, I’ll even acknowledge improvements through the years, I mean the stats clearly shows we love make up just like the next, but we are tired of being boxed out, unheard, unlearned and dismissed at our cost. We freely give you our money in exchange for the latest and greatest but when we voice frustration or try to correct a wrong we get the standard computer generated email and/or “guest services” raggedy ass replies. Uuuggghhh the good thing is Many are taking a stand so take heed.

However, this struggle is not new, you have make up favs/gurus/experts like Jackie Aina who have covered the industry woes, voiced her complaints, used her massive platform to reach thousands and offered solutions especially as it pertains to shade variations just as much as she endorses and praises when it’s done right!  And yes, that helps tremendously especially when you have over a million followers but even they need our help as well to achieve change so lesgo!

Fabulous Post

If you don’t have FB here you go


Prom Season Bitches (pictures)

Yes its that time again and these prom guys and gals make my prom look like little house on all the prairies LOL! 

These young people are killing the game with beauty and fashion!  You been on  YT lately?  Geesh they will teach you how to start off like a basic chick and turn into a Beyonce in 15 seconds using an eyeliner, tape and a tube of lipstick…I tell no lies.

Now there are cases where it’s just too much, in a bad way.  These girls/guys are too grown and mannish at events like prom and the parents are low key broke putting on damn near a wedding trying to please brats and well we’ve seen//heard the horror stories smh.  

However, then you have too much in a good way…like my niece Tijera.  Her mom, my sissy is a master at getting the best for less, so no matter what you see in the pictures, no matter how glamorous, it was within a serious budget!  Not because she couldn’t afford to pay more but “why pay more when you can pay less” 

Thank You, Thank You I perform every Wednesday at the coco cabana between 12-2p LOL 

No in all seriousness you have to put things into perspective and that includes cost.  Tonya has a great career working for one of the TOP colleges in the US and when I say top I mean seriously the TOP! However, that doesn’t stop her from being a pro at being fiscally responsible! Especially being a successful (single) mom in College to complete her own degree.  She can out bargain/hustle any NY hustler on any day.  Hell most times I think she is one LOL! 

Back to my neice, she is the epitome of grace, beauty, intelligence, smarts and lady like behavior.  I’m talking down to her outstanding gpa, her singing beautifully at social events and talent shows, to doing normal school activities like cheerleading, to being an awesome friend.  I’m talking just a well rounded kid.  And yes she’s college bound and did I mention she can stomp with the big dogs when it comes to a sense of humor, common sense and wit. Which with crazy aunts in her life she was bound to have a little crazy in her.  I’m just sayin’ proud is not enough to describe how I feel so I won’t try.  I’ll just say keep up the great work.  

Tijera is not the first great kid there’s plenty of greatness bound young women and men out there just waiting to make a difference in this world, that we should hear more about but she’s my family so that’s where my attention lies. 

Oh and it’s two of them!  Yes in 2 years I’ll be back showcasing my other neice Trinity who is equally as fly! 

Man! Shout out to my sissy Tonya for raising such well rounded young ladies who will be a constant staple in my young girl’s life serving as an example and mentor.  

And can we shout out Tijera’s prom date!  Let’s face it at events like these it’s usually the woman that’s the attention getter and this is no different BUT he did the damn thing becoming her fashion equal! BRAVO! 

Now breath slowly buckle up sip your drink and be prepared to be WOW’d at all this fabulousness! Honey chicka boom boom! Get into it